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How To Disable the UPnP Feature On Your NETGEAR Router

Note: NETGEAR takes network security very seriously and we are analyzing any potential issues regarding UPnP.  If you  like, you can easily disable the UPnP function on your NETGEAR router or gateway by following the instructions below.  Thank you for using NETGEAR products.
1.       Login to router GUI by typing www.routerlogin.neton an Internet browser?s address bar .
2.       Go to ADVANCED tab, then Advanced Setup, and click UPnP menu.
3.       Uncheck Turn UPnP On box.
4.       Click Apply button to save settings.

Note: Disabling the UPnP feature on your router may cause some Windows functions or devices to not work. If you experience problems after disabling UPnP, please check with your device manufacturer if UPnP is required for it to work properly on the network.

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